Five Organizations That Need Your Money More Than That Potato Salad Guy

07 Jul 2014

By now you might have heard about the entrepreneurial man, Zack Danger Brown, that Kickstarted his way to potato salad fame by asking for $10 and instead receiving over $30,000 (as of this writing) to fund his picnic snack extravaganza.

While I admire someone for gaming the crowd funding system in an effort to squeeze some cash out of nice Internet citizens (as my friend @bluechoochoo pointed out, he’s like a modern day Ferris Beuller), I find it hard to imagine that anyone who donated can’t find a better use for their money.

So, with the help of my friend Anne Holden, I’ve put together a list of places you should donate to, instead of that potato salad Kickstarter.

Wounded Warrior Project

This organization holds a special place in my heart. So many friends and family members are in the military, and the Wounded Warrior Project works to honor and empower wounded warriors, or service men and women who have come back from combat injured. 

And, as a friendly reminder, we are still at war.

Chimp Haven

This one is a personal favorite of my dear friend Anne. Chimp Haven is a national chimpanzee sanctuary that provides care for chimps that have been used for biomedical research or other purposes and are no longer used for those purposes.

You can even sponsor a chimpanzee and become what the organization calls a “best friend.”

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization that aims to close the gender gap in technology by providing educational resources for young women who want to learn technological skills.


In third-world countries, medical care is often prohibitively expensive, and many people end up suffering with injuries or illness due to the inability to pay.

Watsi works with doctors in places like Burma, Cambodia and Kenya to crowd fund (that’s right, you can practically Kickstart healthcare for these deserving folks!) medical care for people in need.

Your Local SPCA

Love animals? Want to help give them a loving home? Then donate to the Society for the Prevention and Cruelty to Animals. The animal rescue organization has been working to provide shelter and other health services to animals.

Fun fact: the SFSPCA is the oldest in the country, and has been working for the welfare of animals since 1868.

Images courtesy of the respective organizations.

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